In 2018, world leaders will come together to draft and adopt two landmark compacts that have the potential to impact the lives of millions of migrant, displaced and refugee children.
UNICEF has joined the voices of many who have called for the inclusion of policies that address the care and protection of these children.

The goal of this report is to show that protecting migrant, displaced and refugee children is not only right in principle, it is also right when put into practice. Indeed, governments and their partners are actively engaged in initiatives within countries and across borders to provide care and protection for uprooted children. Host communities also have employed innovative ways to welcome and help integrate them.

Though much has been done, the challenge is to do more. As world leaders come together to agree on the two compacts, UNICEF calls on them to incorporate principles – and practices – that can provide a safe home, a safe passage and a safe destination for every migrant, displaced and refugee child.

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