Resources related to the global compacts and faith.

This list will be continually updated as resources are collected from the JLI Refugee Hub Members and other relevant organizations:


UNHCR NGO Consultations: Faith-sensitivity in Humanitarian Response: Tools and Partnerships for Inclusion
Published: 2018Author:
Marist Initiatives for the care of Migrants and Refugees
Published: 2017Author:Marist International Solidarity Foundation.
US Catholic Working Group Statement on Global Compacts
Published: 2018Author:US Catholic Working Group
Joint Recommendation on Draft of the Global Compact on Refugees’ Programme Of Action
Published: 2018Author:
JLI Refugees & Local Faith Communities Brief
Published: 2018Author:Olivia Wilkinson
Panel contribution to UNHCR Thematic Discussion on Global Compact Nov 2017, LWF (Michael French)
Published: 2017Author:Michael French, LWF
Proposals for a Global Compact on Refugees- WEA
Published: 2018Author:WEA Global Task Force on Refugees
Towards the Global Compacts on Migrants and Refugees 2018
Published: 2018Author:
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Published: 2017Author:
JLI Refugee Hub Scoping Study On Local Faith Communities In Urban Displacement
Published: 2017Author:Olivia Wilkinson and Joey Ager
Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders
Published: 2013Author: