Purpose of the Hub

The Refugees and Forced Migration Hub will narrow the focus of enquiry about evidence for faith groups’ activities and contributions to community wellbeing to selected sub-topics. The hub brings together expert stakeholders in areas related to religion, faith, migration and refugees as well as practitioners, policy makers and academics.

The Refugees and Forced Migration Learning Hub is dedicated to collating and communicating evidence on the role of faith actors in responding to refugee and IDP needs, with a view to influencing policy and praxis. Over the coming years, the Hub will:

  • Conduct an in-depth Scoping Study to map existing best practice and challenges across a range of contexts
  • Begin addressing the evidence gaps and questions raised by the Scoping Study through collaboration with research projects, and by commissioning its own research
  • Widely disseminate evidence, learnings and recommendations to practitioners and policy makers for implementation

The Hub Co-Chairs:

  • Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Associate Professor (Reader) in Human Geography and Co-Director of the Migration Research Unit, University College London
  • Sadia Kidwai, Policy and Research Analyst, Islamic Relief Worldwide
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