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JLI Refugee Hub Meeting (May 14, 2018) Attendees: Dave- U Mass Boston, Mairead Collins, Christian Aid, Menya Muhamad, Sophie Peiris and Connie Musallam, Embrace the Middle East, Jacob Tornga, International Association for Refugees, Susanna Trotta, Josh Ayers Food for the Hungry, Katherine Marshall, Georgetown, Carlos Mejia, Oxfam America, Michelle Beckett, World Evangelical Alliance, Kathryn Kraft, WVI… Read more »

JLI Refugee Hub Meeting Minutes- Feb 9 via zoom Global Compact discussion   Attendees: Antonia Antonopoulous (UNICEF), Beth Frank (Church World Service), Kathleen Rutledge (QMU), Marie Claude (UNHCR), Michelle Beckett (WEA), Nobuyuki Asai (SGI), Nana Dagadu (GU IRH), Susanna Trotta (Formerly Refugee Hosts), Joey Ager, Olivia Wilkinson & Stacy Nam (JLI) Co-chairs: Atallah Fitzgibbon, IRW… Read more »

Local Faith Communities Role in Forced Migration Focus on Urbanisation and Localisation January 26, 2018 Webinar hosted by JLI Refugee Hub Co-Chair: Atallah Fitzgibbon, Islamic Relief Worldwide Study Speakers: Olivia Wilkinson, PhD (now JLI Research Director) In 2017, over 65 million people in were forced to flee their homes due to conflict, violence, and persecution. Over… Read more »

JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Hub Meeting Friday Sept 8, 9am ET- On Zoom   Key Actions: Members: Invitation to all members to send comments on the scoping study Call for submissions of case studies, interviews to fill the gaps (especially global south in the context of resettlement and transnational systems) Please feel free to… Read more »

Wednesday June 28, 8am ET – On Zoom Attendees: Claire Lamont (UNHCR), Beth Frank (CWS), Mark Simmons (Cord), Nahuel Arenas (Oxfam America), Alison Kelly (ACT Alliance), Annie Wilson (IR USA), Michaella (Save the Children), Isobel Owen (Anglican Alliance), Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (UCL), Olivia (JLI), Stacy (JLI), Bella (Syracuse & JLI Intern) Regrets: Fraser Murray (Christian Aid), Kati Kraft… Read more »

JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Learning Hub Meeting: 5/2/17 – 8:30am ET Attendees: Maya Assaf (World Vision International), Tariq (Islamic Relief USA), Olivia Wilkinson (Trinity), Sadia Kidwai (Islamic Relief Worldwide), Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (UCL), Suzie Lahoud (Merath-LSESD), Beth Frank (Church World Service), Claire Lamont (UNHCR), Jim Kuh(Catholic Charities), Susanna Trotta (Refugee Hosts-UCL), Isobel Owen (Anglican Alliance);… Read more »

JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Learning Hub Dessert Reception and Discussion March 3rd 8:30pm, Princeton University, East Pyne 127 After the opening of the Princeton ‘Seeking Refuge Conference‘, the JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Learning Hub (JLI RFM Hub) members and interested scholars, policymakers and practitioners met. This meeting included a brief discussion of JLI’s current work, an exchange… Read more »

JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Meeting: 12-16 – 9am ET/ 2pm GMT Attendees: Anna RowlandsAvi Rothfeld Beth Frank Christina  Tobias-Nahi Helen Stawski Jean Biel Jim Ingram Kat Eghdamian Kathryn Kraft Olivia Wilkinson Matt Ellingson Maya Assaf Joey Ager Peter Howard Sophie Dicker Stephen (UNHCR) Shereen El Feki Susanna Trotta Tahir Zahman Sadia Kidwai Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh… Read more »

Meeting Minutes for Refugees and Forced Migration Hub Date: September 22, 6-8 pm Location: The Salvation Army – 221 E 52nd Street, New York City, NY 10022   Hub Co-Chairs: Sadia Kidwai, Islamic Relief Worldwide- [email protected] Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, University College London- [email protected]     Agenda details:  Introductions (6:00-6:55 pm) Joint Learning Initiative on Faith… Read more »

Refugees and Forced Migration Hub draft TOR download JOINT LEARNING INITIATIVE ON FAITH AND LOCAL COMMUNITIES TOR for JLI F&LC Learning Hub on Refugees and Forced Migration June 2016 Purpose of the Group The intention of this Hub is to be a horizontal learning community that links academics, policy makers and practitioners working on issues… Read more »