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Claire Lamont (UNHCR), Beth Frank (CWS), Mark Simmons (Cord), Nahuel Arenas (Oxfam America), Alison Kelly (ACT Alliance), Annie Wilson (IR USA), Michaella (Save the Children), Isobel Owen (Anglican Alliance), Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (UCL), Olivia (JLI), Stacy (JLI), Bella (Syracuse & JLI Intern)

Regrets: Fraser Murray (Christian Aid), Kati Kraft (WVI), Matt Ellingson (FH), Jim Kuh (Catholic Charities), Erin Wilson (University of Groningen), Hiruy Teka (Samaritan’s Purse)


Key Actions:
  • Members: Send any relevant case studies, or potential interviewees for JLI Scoping Study to Olivia & Joey ([email protected])
  • Members: feel free to send relevant events or webinars to Stacy to circulate
  • Stacy will follow up with members to continue discussion about possible webinars, dates and ways for hub members to engage
  1. Updates from members (relevant events)
  2. Scoping update
  • Beginning stage was focused on literature elements: extensive sweep of literature for religion & refugees and forced migration and faith response in supporting refugees (two page summary)
  • Currently working on case studies & key informant interviews. See specific gaps in the above two page summary
  • Thank you for Hub member participation

Still looking to fill gaps:

  • religions other than christianity
  • geographic: South & SE Asia (global South)
  • Goal to complete interviews in July

Scoping will be completed by September in order to present in October 16-19 in Sri Lanka

  • Plans also for 1-2 policy notes focused on key themes for Sri Lanka
  • We plan to write two scope studies. Localization faith communities & urban displacement


3. Calls for contributions/gap filling and interviews

  • Nahuel: Any countries in Latin America? May be able to contribute Columbia or others
  • Mark: Trafficking in Myanmar

Send any relevant case studies, or potential interviewees for JLI Scoping Study to Olivia & Joey ([email protected])


4. Relevant in-person events for JLI members (feel free to submit events & resources on JLI website)

  • Refugee Hosts workshop 17-18 July in Beirut- JLI Refugee Hub is an official partner of the Refugee Hosts research project. Any partners based in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey are invited to attend.

– see link for Challenges and Opportunities of Local Faith-based Responses to Displacement from Syria Information Sheet

  • 16-18 October in Sri Lanka, etc)
    • Invitation especially for policymakers, local religious leaders, secular partners
  • Available for members will be ppt on JLI and Refugee Hub work

Any additional events that may be of interest to members?

  • Nahuel: possible member participation in July 19 Oxfam America Webinar on Somalia


5. Interest in member-led webinars?

How do we encourage the hub to be more multidirectional and participatory?

Elena: Stacy and I were also discussing how to encourage more discussion about the work you are doing. Any possible webinar ideas?

  • Alison: member or ACT secretariat staff may want to present on country based work
  • Nahuel: Local Humanitarian Leadership (Tara & recent Oxfam Local Humanitarian Leadership Report on engaging religious leaders and local faith actors)
  • Claire: #withRefugees UNHCR program

Dates? Stacy will work with members to find a good date and collate topics


6. Other

Elena: Other than webinars, are there other things you would like us to be providing that would be useful from your perspective?

How can JLI Refugee Hub useful to you and your organization? Stacy & Bella (JLI summer intern) will be leading a short member engagement survey especially focused on member interests.


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