JLI is excited to highlight a new four-year research collaboration led by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Co-Chair), with Prof. Alastair Ager of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and Columbia University (Co-I), Dr. Anna Rowlands of Durham University (Co-I) and Prof. Lyndsey Stonebridge of University of East Anglia (Co-I). This interdisciplinary and participatory research project is supported by a Large PaCCS Grant (£800,000) awarded by the AHRC-ESRC through the Global Challenges Research Fund.

The team is focusing on local communities and refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Their goal is to improve understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in local responses to displacement, both for refugees from Syria and for the members of the communities that are hosting them in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

JLI’s Refugees & Forced Migration Hub will be partnering on this project throughout the collaboration.

For more information

Please see their website updated regularly with new information, blog posts, photography galleries, and follow project updates on Twitter @RefugeeHosts

Also, Refugee Hosts moderates a blog series on Faith and Displacement and is welcoming submissions on that theme between now and July 2017.

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