JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Meeting: 12-16 – 9am ET/ 2pm GMT


Anna RowlandsAvi Rothfeld

Beth Frank

Christina  Tobias-Nahi

Helen Stawski

Jean Biel

Jim Ingram

Kat Eghdamian

Kathryn Kraft

Olivia Wilkinson

Matt Ellingson

Maya Assaf

Joey Ager

Peter Howard

Sophie Dicker

Stephen (UNHCR)

Shereen El Feki

Susanna Trotta

Tahir Zahman

Sadia Kidwai

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

Stacy Nam



Brian Casey, Doug Leonard, Erin Wilson, Judy Beals, Michael Mosselmans, Flora Winfield, Hiruy Teka, Christo Greyling, Jennifer Poidatz, Floris Faber, Marie-Claude Poirier


Key Takeaways:

  • Survey results



  • Policy Subgroup forming – for more information contact co-chair Sadia Kidwai- [email protected]
  • Next Meeting TBA February 2017



1)     Survey Results

Help for the scoping study

  • Staff time and case studies offered by Samaritan’s Purse, Food for the Hungry, Church World Service, and World Vision.
  • Need recommendations for key informant interviews – particularly with contacts in the Global South (i.e. partner organisations)

Areas of thematic concern

  • Two respondents mentioned the importance looking into trafficking (AR/HT).
  • Other issues included: impartiality and neutrality of LFC aid for IDPs/refugees; transparency and accountability of LFC aid; terrorism; good practices of LFC aid for IDPs/refugees; capacity building needs of LFCs for their work with IDPs/refugees; particularities of LFCs aiding IDPs/refugees in urban contexts; interfaith aid – aid between faiths and from one faith group to another; intersection of ethnicity and faith.


2)   Scoping Study Review and Planning

o   See attached outline for key questions and details

  • Dec -April 2017 an extensive literature review of academic and policy documents
  • Jan-Mar 2017 written contributions and case-studies submitted by partner humanitarian organisations
  • Feb- Mar 2017 semi-structured interviews conducted with circa 20 practitioners, policy-makers and faith leaders
  • Linguistic skills needed ( currently have French, Spanish & Arabic)


3)    Planning for Advocacy and Key Opportunities

o   Overview

o   October 2017 International Forum, Localizing Response to Humanitarian Need: The Role of Religious and Faith-Based Organisations (most likely in Sri Lanka)

  • UN Global Compact
  • UNHCR NGO consultation June/July 2017 (RFM Hub side event bid?)
  • Charter for Change Process / Grand Bargain
  • Action Aid (Surge Capacity and immediate aftermath of disaster)
  • UNISDR Disaster Risk Reduction Global Platform 2017 (Cancun, Mexico)
  • National Donor Consultations (PaRD, DFID, Canada?, US? State Dept Religion and Global Affairs? )

o  Policy SubGroup Formation

  • Those interested should email Sadia Kidwai at
  • Policy Mapping needed

4)    Next steps

o    Schedule for meetings- meeting every 4-6 weeks approved by those on phone

Next meeting- TBA


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